Japanese Lessons For Children

For international children - Learning Japanese language and culture in a variety of ways.

  1. Emphasis on developing Japanese language towards individual goals
  2. Classification by Japanese level (including reading and writing), not age
  3. Small class sizes with detailed teacher guidance
  4. Free trial lesson

Online lesson

Online group lessons are available, allowing students to learn Japanese and Japanese culture regardless of location.

Classroom lesson

We have classroom facilities in Central Scotland, where the teacher can interact more directly with the students allowing more practical learning

Message from the teacher

Ikuko Odahara

I hold a teacher license for both elementary and junior high schools in Japan and taught for ten years as a national language teacher in Japanese junior high schools.

After moving to the UK, I worked for a Japanese language school in London, teaching international children of Japanese heritage. 
As both a mother with an international child and someone with many years of experience in education, I considered what Japanese language ability is necessary for international children and how it should be acquired.

The reason for teaching international children Japanese can differ by family, these can include: to develop a understanding and appreciation of their heritage; aiding communication with Japanese families and friends; and, expanding their future education and vocational opportunities.

Children grow up and eventually choose their own path.
I believe our role is to guide them in order to find as many options as possible to get there.

We look forward to seeing you.

Japanese Kids Club

Based in Edinburgh, this playgroup is aimed at children with Japanese-speaking parents.