Our challenges

Future potential of international children

The Japanese Ministry of Education lists a number of challenges, including "Having an international perspective, respecting the diversity of individuals and society. There is a need to develop children able to carry out problem-solving in cooperation with others." 

Children and young adults who have a good understanding of the cultures of other countries are a vital bridge between people and between countries.

What we can do now for the children’s future

We consider the native language ability and Japanese language ability separately. 

The former is the basic language comprehension ability that is the basis for living in Japan according to the elementary school curriculum guidelines.

The latter is the ability to clearly convey opinions and thoughts in Japanese, to understand Japanese culture and customs, and to enthusiastically share this knowledge and understanding with people from other countries. In our classes we place importance on “Japanese language ability”.

First by developing basic language ability and then by doing everything possible to cultivate their Japanese language ability in the best way for international children.